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Study Programmes

Online Learning

Online learning with Skins Edu is flexible allowing you to study around existing work and commitments. The majority of our students are also working in some capacity while they study online with us.

Skins IR - Academics on location

Study Expeditions

Find Your Ideal Expedition

Our expeditions will take you to various locations around the globe and complement your subject of study. You will gain: Cpd credits, data collection towards dissertations, gain experience insitu.

Study Workshops

Residential School

Students will have the choice to attend a laboratory school run by Skins Edu at one of our partner locations. These four-day programmes focus on practical work, imaging, analysis and report writing.

Professional Study

Work Based Learning

Whether you work for yourself or a company, engaging in professional development will allow you to apply the learning to practice, stay ahead of competitors, meet client requirements and diversify.

Skins Focus Group

Empowering Researchers

Our focus group has been designed for students, enabling them to share the latest research in their field of study. This group will identify and discuss current research with each other remotely to encourage new research initiatives.

Skins Global Diversity

Always Inclusive

Skins believe, focusing on global diversity will allow us to adopt more inclusive practices for our students around the world. Our students are multi-national therefore multi-cultural, everyone is welcome.

Lets Connect

We like to chat about yours and our adventures, so pour that coffee, put your feet up and share that dream of yours with us. Call us or email us to begin your next journey or so we can point you in the right direction.

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Skins Blogs

Read our online journals, discussing areas of biological sciences, field trips, case studies, research initiatives, online learning, travel and much more.

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Join the Journey

Your next learning adventure starts here. Combine your learning experiences with online, field, lab and residential options. We are here to not just give you knowledge but to create great adventures and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Global Learning

Our programmes are delivered to students from all over the globe. Whether it be an online study, field trip study, residential study or through our innovative focus group forum, we ensure your study achieves academic and practical results.

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