Imagine a world without light & heat!

The sun is a star which is at the centre of our solar system, literally everything within our solar system revolves around the sun. The sun is crucial to life on earth and to all the surrounding planets which rely on the sun for their very existence!!

Without the sun no earthling, human, mammal, vertebrae, plant life or other would exist. The origins of life were created from the sun and earths perfect positioning to each other.

If the sun suddenly disappeared taking all the heat and light with it, then within 9 minutes we would be in complete darkness, within seven days scientist have estimated that global atmospheric temperatures would drop to Zero Fahrenheit, this temperature would continue to drop and within one year average atmospheric temperatures may have dropped below -100 Fahrenheit. The superficial ocean layer will have frozen over, insulating deep waters beneath would stay liquid for hundred of thousands of years but they too would eventually freeze as the earth’s temperature settles at approximately – 400 Fahrenheit. The atmosphere would also freeze exposing anything left alive exposed to the destructive cosmic radiation that travels through space.

Planets which are part of the solar system including the earth, would lose the gravitational pull from the sun and would disappear into space in different directions. We would literally be lost in space.

Without the Sun’s ray’s photosynthesis on earth would cease, plants would die and, all animals and humans who rely on plants for food would eventually die too and life on earth would cease to exist.

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