Skins- Medical - Fever Screening.
Skins- Medical - Fever Screening.

Skins IR, International World Class Training

 Thermography & Thermal Biology for the Biological Sciences.

Come, join our journey and learn with us!

Skins IR in biological science organisation, dedicated to fostering science, education and research. Skins IR encourages the use of innovative technology and software to achieve reliable and quantifiable results in any bioscience fields. For over 15 years we have offered in situ and onsite training programs providing undergraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral and early career professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the Thermography and Thermal biology for multiple bioscience arenas.

We firmly believe that the health, safety, and preservation of species and planet are interconnected. Both need to be nourished and defended. At the same time, the world over, people are learning about preservation and protection, to prevent exploitation, destruction, unnecessary suffering and neglect of our planet and all species within it, not just from a habitant perspective but also in areas where species have become domesticated for personal use.

Skins - Global Elephant Sanctuary

In line with our ‘One Planet, One Matter’ vision and to adequately respond to the challenges and opportunities of the ongoing revolution in the prevention of injury, disease and exploitation of our planet, we have defined goals, to utilise education and supporting innovated technology and software to encourage learning and action.

We offer up to date information, education, training courses and research on thermal biology, pathophysiology and thermography for bioscience. We have created software for technicians and scientists to map and track their work and support their clients. We will be keeping you up to date on the latest in thermal biology of the species, associated pathophysiologies and thermography within the diverse biosciences arenas.

The Skins team of scientists and trainers come from shared interests and a love of biological science of which itself covers a diverse array of topics, subjects, environments and more. Our team will provide updated information on training, technology, research and news.

From monitoring injuries and physiology in sports such as football, rugby, track and field too early detection of injuries in horse racing, showjumping and eventing. Identifying conditions and environmental challenges in marine biology, to the research of amphibians and reptile life in conservation and ecology, elephant monitoring in Brazil and the prevention of injuries in camel racing in Dubai and so much more.


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