COVID-19’s pandemic has resulted in a flurry of sales of Infrared cameras; this comes with a responsibility not just for the distributor, but also the end-user. For many years temperature is the first measurement of physical property for determination of monitoring and diagnosis of health in human medicine. EffectiveContinue Reading

There is a high prevalence for lameness in competition horses at different anatomical sites.Horses performing in different disciplines are prone to injuries in specific anatomical regions. This is due to the external and internal forces acting on the equines body and the effects produced by these forces during a specific activity. Fitness levels, loading, surfaces, frequency,Continue Reading

In my last blog, I touched on the hypothalamus being the epicentre for temperature control, a thermostat of sorts for the human body. I briefly covered fever and virus, and in light of COVID-19, we must be more aware of how our bodies respond to its environment, and why. ThisContinue Reading

Information on human thermal physiology is essential to understand if we are to use thermography in any form for human performance or medical applications. Body temperature is a fundamental trait, connected to the execution of physiological actions, for example, movement, growth, exercise, cooling down and warming up, immune response andContinue Reading