One of the key components to successfully applying Thermography is understanding your subjects Thermoregulation. Thermoregulation here is described as an organism’s ability to successfully regulate its body temperature to its surroundings and maintain it within boundaries that are key to its existence. Veterinarian Thermography can only be successfully applied and reliableContinue Reading

In the 18th century, Acute Inflammation was regarded purely as a disease, it was the infamous Anatomist and British Surgeon John Hunter who was the first to realize that acute inflammation was a response to injury that was generally beneficial to the host: “But if inflammation develops, regardless of the cause, still itContinue Reading

The camel is very important to the Arab culture and also to the economy of India and other countries. It was an honour for our Director and Scientist Sandie Chambers to be asked to execute a project in the UAE using Infrared Thermography on camels, in this case for racing.Continue Reading

The sun is a star which is at the centre of our solar system, literally everything within our solar system revolves around the sun. The sun is crucial to life on earth and to all the surrounding planets which rely on the sun for their very existence!! Without the sunContinue Reading