Skins IR is the brainchild of Sandie Chambers.

Sandie is a pioneer in the use of thermography in Equine and Human Sports Medicine and Science.

Sandie set up Equitherm Training after spending more than three years researching and undertaking thousands of case studies to create correct protocols and standards to ensure reliability for the equine and medical applications.

Over the past 15 years, Sandie has created training for future technicians, academics and researchers. She has personally taught over 1500 students worldwide and has also developed a software called Map and Track for technicians to encourage good practice and help to ensure a professional platform between clients, medics, vets, researchers, teams and technicians.

Sandie believes to be competent and knowledgable in thermography one needs to have applied thermography to real-life situations, as well as undertaking ongoing research in situ'. Undertaking good training with reliable experts is paramount. Multiple case studies should be undertaken, with the guidance of experts in the chosen field. Thermography is much more than just taking a picture. It requires careful planning, preparation of the subject and its environment. To understand what is 'not normal' we already need to have acquired the information on what does 'normal' look like.

"Research is nothing if these applications do not work in real-life situations. Thermographies reliability requires an understanding of the environment, physiology, anatomy, correct scanning techniques and so much more by the technician. It is not a tool to use lightly, but must be carefully applied with correct standardisation and protocols if the end-user is to achieve quantifiable and reliable results".