Sandie Chambers - Director

Biomedical Science and Equine Science Lead

Skins IR is the brainchild of Sandie Chambers. Sandie is a pioneer in the use of thermography in Equine and Human Sports Medicine and Science

Dr Tom Martin

Dr Tom Martin

Zoologist, Conservationist and Ecologist

We are greatly honoured to collaborate with the team at Operation Wallacea.
Skins will be working closely with Dr Tom Martin who is a brilliant and enthusiastic Scientist and Zoologist.

Fiona Farmer - DVM

Veterinarian - Veterinary Medicine

Fiona, (affectionately known as Fi) is an excellent veterinarian with a special interest in Equine sports injuries and neonatal. Fi has been part of the Equitherm and Skins team for 7 years.

Skins IR - Sport/Medical - Byron Francis

Byron Francis

Sport Medical Research & Project Lead

Byron is the research and project lead for Sports Medical at Skins IR. Byron has a broad background in sport having played county hockey for Oxfordshire as a junior and rugby for Bury St Edmunds with an offer of a semi-professional contract prior to University.

Stuart Chambers

Sport Scientist & Programmes Co-ordinator

Stuart is a Sports Scientist & NLP Practitioner with years of experience in the sports sector for training and development. He has co-ordinated the Skins and Equitherm training programmes to meet industry standards and support the training teams.