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Welcome to Skins Infrared

Skins IR, is an organisation that provides training programmes, research opportunities and extensive field trips for those who’s topic of study is Infrared thermography, Thermal Biology and Pathophysiology for the Biological Sciences. These include Medical, Sport, Conservation, Ecology, Veterinary, Equine and more.

Who is Skins for?

From Scientists traversing the globe in the act of protecting the planet, preserving wildlife and its habitat, to athletes pushing their boundaries in pursuit of sporting excellence. Medics investigating methods of identification, prevention and intervention, to equine vets giving horses the opportunity for longevity leading to performance success.

Global Elephant Sanctuary of Brazil

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The team at Skins IR are looking to enrol students, professionals, academics, researchers who really care about prevention, preserving monitoring and research in the fields of bioscience ; medical, veterinary, conservation, and ecology around the world. If you want to join a group of people who feel the same way that we do then join our Skins Pride today!

Skins IR -Tree frogs

Dr Tom Martin – Chytridiomycosis “A Global Amphibian Extinction Crisis”.

Applying Thermography Methods to Determine Chytrid Prevalence in Threatened Cloud Forest Amphibians. by Dr

Just Because You Can’t See My Pain, Does Not Mean It’s Not There!

Horses are very talented at disguising pain. There are levels and degrees of pain,

Eye vs Ear Temperature for fever screening.

  COVID-19’s pandemic has resulted in a flurry of sales of Infrared cameras; this

Visualising early onset of an injury in the equine

There is a high prevalence for lameness in competition horses at different anatomical sites.Horses performing in different

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Scans taken by Skins IR Students

Students trained with Skins

Research Projects

The Equine a Passion for Prevention

Prevention is better than cure!

Thermography is now used in assisted diagnosis for early detection of injury or disease and for monitoring current conditions and the effects of training and aids.

The first definitive studies started on horses conducted by Scientist Dr Ram Purohit at Auburn University in the 1970's. Objectives encompassed a broad range of topics including the most important of them all what is normal, which means determining thermal signature in healthy horses as well as thermal signatures in diseased and injured horses

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June 2024

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